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Saint Patrick and Many Years of Financial Writing

I have been at this a while, starting in 2005. Oh, and Happy Saint Patrick Day too.

It was 11, 15 years ago (i.e. 2005), this Saint Patrick’s day, that I started writing here, and it all started with the exciting First Entry that started me writing for 11 many years. That first post was very much me seeing how the whole thing worked, and I have learned so many valuable things over the years from writing here.

Getting Better ?

11 Years Later

I can hear more than a few folks asking, When will he stop? (Dear Lord, When?!?), and to be honest, I have no idea. I write less than before, but not too much less. This post makes over 3000 posts, which is astounding if you think of that in terms of the number of words written. I hope that some of my words have been helpful to some folks. I have received a few very kind comments from folks. Thank you for them, but I don’t think I will be retiring soon, but you never know.

What has this to do with Saint Patrick?

Just a quick rundown for my Top 5 ever posts and why they got written

  1. A Script for Customer Retention was simply me trying to make it easier for folks to get a better deal with whatever service company you are dealing with. The comments from the folks in the service industry ridiculing the whole thing, were interesting, did I hit a nerve?
  2. CRA Child Disability Benefit (How To) is a post I wrote hoping to help folks. It does seem to have helped, so if I write nothing else, this one post is the one I will point to as being some good that I did. As usual all I did was write down what my wife did (always good content).
  3. The Cost of Cheques a great deal of my writing is me ranting about things that have pissed me off, and this one is a classic example, and it even includes a hand drawn flow chart (written on a napkin).
  4. How Do I Retire at 35 ? Me commenting on the folks who seem to think that you can actually “retire” at 35. What the hell are you going to do the rest of your life? Crochet? Seriously folks, you simply change to a lesser (or no) paying vocation at that age.
  5. Quicken 2015 Canadian Edition is popular because it seems to show up when folks do Quicken software searches on line, it shows up. I asked Quicken for a copy to review for this year, but never heard anything back. I suspect I may be leaving the Quicken lovers society soon (stay tuned).
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My favourite posts (that don’t get many visitors, but that is OK) are:

  1. So that is what $50,000 looks like was written when my oldest daughter graduated. While the title can be interpreted as me lamenting the loss of money, it in fact is me celebrating making one of the best investments I have ever made.
  2. I’m an Adult Now? is a raw view of the death of my father. He always seemed indestructible when I was a kid, but when you watch someone you love slowly waste away, it leaves you with some very definite ideas about Quality of Life when you get older.
  3. Debt is Like Fat is another example of how much of a struggle personal finance and life can be. Since I started writing here, I have gained a fair amount of weight (about 50 pounds), and I continue to fight to get back to a more reasonable weight if only to ensure I live longer. I feel there is more to say in this area, so again, stay tuned.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for staying around and reading along with my adventures in money. Celebrate Saint Patrick as well.

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