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Canajun Finances Home » Panama Papers, Google & PayDay Loans, Full Moons and #MoneyTalk

Panama Papers, Google & PayDay Loans, Full Moons and #MoneyTalk

For a while it has miffed me that every time I have ranted about PayDay Loan places, Google Adsense (my major advertiser) decides that the article should be surrounded by advertising for those very same PayDay Loan places, but evidently this will be changing! Google will be removing PayDay Loans from their Adwords networks, but I remain skeptical. My guess is that the High Risk Loan industry will just market themselves in a different manner, but, good on Google for taking this step (wouldn’t it be nice if the CRTC did the same thing for those ads on TV?).

Are you curious whether your boss or your neighbours (or even family) are mentioned in the Panama Papers? Now, you, can search and see what is going on at ICIJ Offshore Leaks. Yes, I did search, but none of my relations seem to be mentioned. As I have mentioned, I aspire to be in that kind of a database (i.e. having that much money).

Fort MacMurray is still under threat of forest fires, but it is good to hear the damage to the city is not as extensive as it might have ended up. Remember you can donate to help at many different outlets (including most on-line banking web sites).

I didn’t realize that there are over 500 Billionaires (with a ‘B’) in the United States. #TIL

My Writings for Week Ending May 13th

I guess the fires in Fort Mac had me thinking about house insurance and claims, and thus the two posts from this week were in that area.

Home Insurance Gotchas was from my archive of unfinished stories, outlining the importance of making sure you are always following the rules of your Home Insurance Policy. If you think something is covered by your policy, it never hurts to ask your agent whether it is covered or not (finding out later it is not, is a likely outcome if you do not ask).

In Home Insurance Follow Up I point out again, that exceptional things in your house need to be identified in your Home Insurance Policy, or you may not get them replaced, should there be a fire at your home. Ask your agent if you are unsure what is or is not covered (I seem to be repeating myself here).

Evidently in Ottawa there is a full moon tonight, and it is Friday the 13th as well, for those interested in that type of stuff.

Where do Bitcoins Come From Mommy?

For those curious, here is a tweet about where some of them come from.

No More Half Measures (financially)

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter asked his readers for questions they’d like answered and Capital Gains Reserves, was a topic put forward by one reader. An interesting question for those that might have large Capital Gains in their futures, and their impact on you.

In terms of investing Mark from My Own Advisor talks about Taxation of U.S. stocks for Canadian investors Master Limited Partnerships, an interesting topic and he walks you through a case study on the subject. The Steadyhand Blog comments Markets are so volatile … or are they? That is an excellent question, a better one is are they going to get more volatile ? Normally I try not to talk about the market too much, but do you know about The Worst Bear Market That Nobody Ever Talks About, sit back and let Michael Batnick tell you about it.

Normally I leave my technology discussions on my other web site, but Preet has a new podcast on an interesting tech subject How Your Heart Rhythm Might Replace The Need For Passwords. Bio-passwords sounds interesting, but there are a lot of very smart folks who will try to get around this protection, so we shall see how it all works. In other financial technology discussions the CBC thinks Big banks react to sharing economy fintech threat by cutting fees, modernizing, which isn’t that obvious to me just yet, but maybe it will start gaining momentum soon? There are some very unlucky folks who have names that break computer systems, if you know anyone whose last name is Null, ask them how much fun they have filling in on-line forms.

Is it better to buy things with Credit Cards or with Cash? One of the benefits of using your Credit Card is explained by Barry at Money We Have, in his article Credit Card Purchase Protection Explained. If you are buying a big ticket item this might be a good idea, to see if this can give you a little extra protection. Remember when you were a kid and you got your first job? Mark from 2nd Career Search remembers his first paying job, The Paper Route. Speaking of Credit Cards again, Frugal Trader wants to help us choose the right one with Top Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada for 2016. Do you collect rewards with your Credit Cards, Blessed by the Spud tells us Air Miles Suck (and Have Effectively Expired Already) (oh dear).

Michael James has been answering some questions from some young folks about credit, and he tried to remember a few of them in Credit Card Q&A. As he says, nothing is obvious to you until someone explains it to you. Speaking of explaining things, Marie from Boomer and Echo tries to explain the Pros and Cons of Getting a Personal Loan

Time Waits for No One

That is one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs, but Preet B., the Financial Media Maven points out in How Time and Rate of Return Affects Investors, it can work for you, if you start early enough.

2016 Random Thoughts

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