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Teller Upselling, Auto-filling Taxes, Spring Forward and #MoneyTalk

Upselling Teller
Spring Forward This Weekend (but it isn’t Spring quite yet)

The CBC had a report this week from a TD Teller, who says that he or she is expected to reach goals selling (sometimes unwanted) customer services. This teller stated,  ‘I will do anything I can to make my goal‘. Am I surprised by teller up selling ? Absolutely not, every teller I have dealt with lately has engaged me about new services at the bank. I get harder sells at my bank than I have at car dealerships.  As Michael James has said, Canadian Banks are losing income streams, so they must work hard to get new income streams. Expect teller up selling , just have a polite (but firm) negative response ready.

I am not sure how to politely tell the teller, Sod off, I don’t need credit insurance!, or “No I don’t want to get another credit card“.

Auto-filling has come to the world of Canadian Income Taxes, isn’t it great! I did get a cautionary comment from a reader, to be very careful and make sure the CRA has all of your tax slips before you auto-file. Strangely you can’t blame the CRA for not having all your forms ready.

How goes your Lenten Financial journey? Mine so far is stinking it up big time, but there is time to adjust and fix my plans. Remember it is a journey, not a true false test.

My Writings for the Week Ending March 10th

A quieter week than last week with only 1 article, but an important reminder that it is Tax season with, Tax Tips to Remember 2017 (which is for tax year 2016). Lots of new wrinkles in the system, make sure you get back all the money you are owed. I have had discussions with other financial writers about the TFSA being misnamed. The TFSA makes people think it is a Tax Free Banking Account , which it can be, but not necessarily. Is it just semantics? Not if you are trying to save money.

A Money Thought

An excellent Dilbert cartoon about your level of Risk Tolerance

Clocks Going Forward Time

Change Your Watch too this Weekend.
(Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot,at

It is tha time of the year, when we lose an hour of sleep, and put our clocks forward for the Spring. Let us Spring forward with some great financial reads for this weekend.

March Break Tip

The OPP has a great tip for folks who might be lucky enough to be going on vacation this March Break:

2017 Random Thoughts

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