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Stock Picks 2018

For my regular readers you must be shocked by this title, but a new year brings some new ideas and concepts. For the first time in a while, I will be putting out my stock picks for 2018. Hey if I can put out swag Financial Predictions for 2018, I can do this.

Yes, I have espoused Index Investing for a long time, but if you really want to make big money you will need to take some big risks. Some might tell you that Bitcoin is your way to sure money, others might say that Marijuana is a sure-fire money maker in the coming year, but I am here to say they are missing the boat. You buy that stuff and all you’ll have is bad-parity and a craving for Chips and Brownies.

I give you the portfolio that you should have for 2018.

Stock Picks

The Ideal Portfolio for 2018

  • Canadian Index Fund based on a TSE index like TDB900 â€“ TD Canadian Index (e-Series)
  • US Index Fund based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average like TDB902 â€“ TD US Index (e-Series)
  • A Canadian Bond Fund like TDB909 â€“ TD Canadian Bond Index (e-Series)
  • International Index Fund like TDB911 â€“ TD International Index (e-Series)
  • A Dividend ETF (if you are so inclined) like FTSE Canadian High Dividend Yield Index ETF (VDY)

Yes, another bit of click bait from the Big Cajun Man to start 2018 off with a bang. Seriously after losing my shirt on Nortel and a few other stocks in the 90’s, do you think I would advise you to buy individual stocks?

Remember, this advice is offered simply as guide if you are unsure of where to invest. If you are unsure, the last thing you should be doing is investing in individual stocks, go with a simple Couch Potato portfolio and you should be OK.


While I am saying this is a good portfolio, please understand that any money you invest, you might lose. I am not saying this portfolio will go up (or down) this year, however, it is as good an investment portfolio if you wish to invest in the Stock Market.

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  1. So far after Quarter 1, the numbers show:

              Jan-01            Apr-01
    VDY $1,000.00   $950.00
    TDB911  $1,000.00   $1,013.30
    TDB909  $1,000.00   $998.00
    TDB902  $1,000.00   $1,015.50
    TDB900  $1,000.00   954.50
    Value   $5,000.00   $4,931.30

    So not a big loss (-1.37%) in a volatile year.

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