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Diabetes and DTC

For those who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, there is some better news from the 2022 Federal Budget discussions. Those who have Type 1 Diabetes will be able to automatically receive a Disability Tax Credit.

Previously this was not automatic. A submission had to be sent to the CRA to prove that the disability was life interrupting, the same as for Autism and other conditions. I had heard instances of folks with Type 1 Diabetes who had an insulin pump being denied a Disability Tax Credit by the CRA. I have no direct knowledge of this, but it didn’t surprise me.

When Bill C-19 (the 2022 Federal Budget Law) passes, this should be part of how things work going forward. This seems to only be for Type 1 Diabetes.

This is all heavily cribbed from the following Facebook Post. Add that resource to your Facebook if you are dealing with Diabetes.


[1] Bill C-19: An Act to implement specific provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on April 7, 2022 and other measures (first reading)…/en/44-1/bill/C-19/first-reading




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