Child Disability Benefit Application Letter (Template)

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Here is a template letter to apply for the Child Disability Benefit from the CRA. Remember, you must first have a signed T2201 Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate from a recognized medical authority about your child’s disability (in our case a Psychologist from CHEO filled in the form for him being on the Autism Spectrum). Next you need to fill in the RC66 – Canada Child Benefits Application Form but that would only make your benefits start now (this tax year). Once you receive a positive response from the CRA for your disability claim, you can send this letter.

Depending on  your child’s disability, benefits can be retroactively given to you. However, you must ask for retroactive benefits, and that is what this letter Template is for. It is also important to have your medical professional have their diagnosis backdated as well (preferably in the T2201) to support your claim (Mrs. C8j reminded me of that one).

The letter does not need to be complex. It is important it does ask specifically what you want and need.

Remember this is a template so fill in your own information but note that the important phrase:

Mental Functions Necessary for everyday life

is specific, you need to include your child’s diagnosis if this is not his (or her) diagnosis.

Can the disability tax credit be backdated? Yes, mention that in the letter.

Letter Template

Disclaimer: This is an example template of letters that need to be sent to the CRA to receive the Child Disability Benefit retroactively from birth. I do not imply any guarantees with this letter. Nor am I saying this is enough to get the CDB, this is simply supplied as a starting point for folks who aren’t sure how to do this. The CRA decides each case individually the clearer your letter is, with as much information as possible should help your request. You should consult your Doctor, and or an Accountant if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Mr. Big Cajun Man
Big Cajun Hacienda,
Ottawa, Ontario
H0H 0H0
bigcajunman @
(613) 555-1212

Big Cajun Social Insurance:  123 456 789

To Whom it May Concern,

Please find enclosed a copy of the Form 2201 Disability Tax Credit for my son Little Caj Man  (SIN: 123 456 789), as well as a copy of the CRA approval of his Disability Tax Credit (retroactive to 2010).

Little Caj Man was born on January 33rd 2010, as the Form 2201 outlines his disability in the area of Mental Functions Necessary for everyday life, I would ask that the Child Disability Benefit be paid for the tax years: 2010, 2011, and 2012  (along with the current year).

If you have any questions or need more information please contact me.


Big Cajun Man
123 456 789

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