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More Free Credit Bureau Access

I received more good news last week. A local hospital shared my medical records and personal information with an untrustworthy firm they were using. This means that not only is my identity out there, but my health records are also there. Guess I should write about my TURP again. No TURP is not something to do with a credit bureau.

What does this news mean for me? Yet again, I have more credit bureau coverage. This time only for a year, with My True Identity (Transunion). I have 2 more years of coverage with another bureau (Equifax), due to another data breach.

I look to have a good credit record but I am as paranoid as ever. Maybe I should just be given credit bureau access free forever? I am confident my vital information will be badly shared in perpetuity.

Credit bureau computers
Their computers spoke to the wrong other computers?

Credit Bureau Epilogue

Interesting that 57% of Canadians have Excellent Credit Ratings? That seems a little skewed, in terms of a data set. Either that or the actual term “excellent” has little or no meaning.

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  1. Big Brother has been watching everyone ever since the credit card came on the market. It is one of the reasons governments want to get rid of cash. Virtually impossible to trace actual cash.
    And so now the various unscrupulous members of society have realized (for numerous) years that money can be made with all of the personal information out there either to squeeze us or go after bigger organizations.
    Unfortunately that is what life is in the digital age.
    I have my free two year Equifax account as well.


    1. The only people who use $50 and $100 bills are senior citizens and the drug trade (I heave heard). I agree those Seniors are an unscrupulous bunch (spoiler, I am a Senior too).

      1. Just this last Friday I was surprised to see a guy in I would guess his 30’s whip out a few hundred dollar bills and other bills to pay the garden centre purchases.
        YES! Cash does still exist.
        PS I usually pay my ice cream cone in cash as well


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