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Statement of Grant with No DTC

What happens when your son’s DTC from the CRA expires? Plenty, but not much of it useful. I received my son’s Statement of Grant a week ago and got a follow-up call from TD. I hope it was TD, otherwise, my investment accounts are severely compromised.

No matching benefits to RDSP

As you can see below, currently there are no benefits for my son’s RDSP

Statement of Grant 2024
What does the CRA tell you when your DTC expires? See Above

Not allowed to deposit into RDSP

TD Investment called me to inform me the CRA won’t allow any more deposits. They then informed me that when the DTC is in place, I’ll have to wait for another Grant Entitlement statement and then three months after, I can deposit more money. That sounds like gratuitous slowness, which is almost Federal Government in comparison.

The TD agent who called me to tell me had a lot of fun, too. First, she couldn’t get her phone to work. Next, she then quizzed me to make sure I was who I claimed to be. This sounded correct until she made me answer about five questions about accounts and balances. Half way through I wondered if this was some elaborate Phishing attempt. Given the information I gave the young lady, I think I am screwed it if was Phishing. I should have also asked her questions to ensure it wasn’t spear phishing.

Next time, I will ask the caller for more proof that they are who they claim to be.

For now, my son’s account will sit growing with no deposits. Wonder if I’ll be allowed to rebalance the portfolio? That could be interesting. I have had to cancel my automatic deposit which I had to set up to make easy deposits to the RDSP.

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Do you get Grants or Bonds in an RDSP if the DTC for the owner has expired?

No, it is now frozen until the Disability Tax Credit certificate is put back in place.

Can you deposit moneys into an RDSP after it is frozen.

If your account is with TD investment, evidently not.

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