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Financial Planning

If You Hear Hoof Beats

If you hear hoof beats, don’t think Zebras, is Occam’s razor simply explained. Sometimes the easiest explanation is the explanation for things financial.

Quick Financial Thoughts

Sometimes quick financial advice is actually a lot more complicated than it reads. Each of these sounds simple, but will take a lot of work on your part.

What to do with Found Money (update)

What is your Found Money Roadmap? How will you deal with found money? Simply spend it, or will you try to make things better for yourself? Blowing found money quickly will simply get you deeper into financial trouble.

Financial Echo Chamber

If you are living in a Financial Echo Chamber you are in danger of being fooled into following the wrong course. Listen to the uncomfortable points of view, they may not teach you anything new, but then again, they might?

Doomsday Finances

Doomsday finances? Are we at that point? No, but personal finance doomsday may happen for a lot of folks, due to these times.

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