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Autism Specific Articles

I have written a fair amount about Autism and its financial effects on families (DTC, RDSP, and such), however, I have also written more about being the Father of a child on the Spectrum as well.


My son has been in private schools his entire schooling career. He is not far enough down the spectrum to fit into the public system, but not high enough to attempt to “pass”. A few articles about private schools.

  • Education: Price of Private Schools talks about whether you should pay for Private school for your kids. When I wrote it I was not sure where my son was going to go to school.
  • Private School Fallacy is a commentary that starts saying you are a fool to send your kid to a private school, but I point out that there are situations where this might be the right idea for your kids.

Autism Help Programs

I know of a few programs out there for parents as well, here are links to check out:

If you live in Nova Scotia near Wolfville, here is a great program that I can recommend for disabled kids (offered at Acadia U).

Index of RDSP Pages

Here are the RDSP Page List in case you got here and are wondering where to find out more information.

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