Retiring at 40 FIRE!

Yes, I have finally decided to retire at 40, and I am really stoked about it. When I was younger, I only dreamed about this, but now I think 40 is really going to happen. FIRE is real and you can do it too!

Before you check the link, yes you are reading The Canadian Personal Finance Place. No, I have not lost my mind, I am just having fun. Finally, the previous statement is true and will hopefully happen soon.

Wait! You are over 60! This cannot be possible!

My age is over 60, but this all depends on your perspective on age. No, I am not saying, you are as young as you feel. I am saying from an Arithmetic perspective I can still retire at 40.

Decimal is the normal counting base accountants and such work with. Computer Scientists tend to be able to count using many different bases. Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal arithmetic are skills I still have today. I am quite proud of this skill. Allow me to demonstrate:

  • 20 in decimal is 10 times 2 (two groupings of 10)
  • but 20 in octal is 8 times 2 plus 4, thus is 0o24
  • and 20 in hexadecimal is 16 times 1 plus 4, thus 0x14

When I was in my twenties, I wanted to retire by 40, but I was hoping it was in Octal, thus 32 in decimal.

When I reached 32 (decimal) I hoped to retire at 40 (decimal)

Now I am over 60 (decimal), I think I can retire at 40 (hexadecimal) (or 64 decimal).

Not what you expected? Sorry FIRE folks, but also remember values and numbers can be represented a lot of ways. Always ask if you don’t understand the values being presented to you.

And: Never give up on your dreams!


Sometimes a Tweet can turn into something more.

Happy Anniversary

Yes, I started this back in 2005, hard to believe it. Still Crazy after all these years, I suppose.


How Do I Retire at 35 ?

This is an interesting rhetorical question (since I am many years past that age and will not be retiring for a good long time) that I have seen from a few financial bloggers so I will give my opinion on this important goal (for some folks). Anyone can retire at 35. If you start early enough, remember Investing is like Golf. FIRE seems to be the new watchword. Financial Independence Retire Early is a lovely idea, but is it feasible?

retire at 35
Why is 35 So Important? It’s not even PRIME!

The major thing you should do is plan on not living past 40, and you can retire at 35 no problem. In fact you might be able to retire at 32. OK, so that is me being a snarky-pants on that one; however, the idea might be that you “retire” at 35 and then go back to work at “40,” sort of a change of career concept.

The concept of a mid-life career change has worked very well for many associates and friends. If at age 35 you decide you don’t want to be a “grunt programmer” and go back to school to become a Lawyer or Doctor, you have retired from your old career but are “reborn” in your new job. This is not FIRE. Does that seem to imply you stop working?

Another great idea is to plan on winning the lottery at 35. Then you can retire for sure. However, you may end up going back to work again at 40, since if you buy lottery tickets, you most likely will blow most of that money as well.

If all you are trying to do is retire 30 years before the “normal retirement age,” stop worrying. In about 10 years, the retirement age will be moved up to 75, and thus 45 will become the new 35!

Why Retire at 35 ?

I guess my real question is: You want to retire at 35? What the hell are you going to do for the 50 years after that? If you tell me “explore the world,” I’ll let you know “the world” can get tedious after a while. Why not just aspire to be DEBT FREE by 35 and able to do what you want at 35? You don’t like your job, quit, and do something you want, that is the greatest freedom. You want to change careers, no problem, you can do it.

Who wants to completely retire at 35? Is FIRE a believable idea?


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