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Cleaning up and Sunday’s Best

The importance of making sure things are clean and well behaved in life is very important (financially), however if you are running a petit business the way I am here (small just doesn’t really say how small it is), it is very important to know what you have written and what is still hanging around in your archive of stories. I have started cleaning up my archives, and will continue to do so for the next month or  so, and I may then change the look of this site as well (I am sick of it, and have been for a while).

Yesterday was Bastille Day in France, so hopefully my French cousins enjoyed their Independence Day (effectively).

With this clean out, I may go back under 2000 posts, we shall see, but because I am wandering through the archives, my Tweet posts from the archives are much more interesting these days as well:

  • If you did Donate $25 a Week, you’d be surprised how much money you were actually giving away every year (and I am sure there are Charities that would love to have the money too).
  • With OK My Man I ranted about the lack of respect shown by many folks in the service industry, now I don’t get too rude with them in return, however, I do try to find ways to not use the service if this happens as well (i.e. vote with my feet).
  • With the iPhone being 5 years old and RIM announcing terrible numbers on that day, I figured I’d look back at my initial views on the iPhone.
  • With Occam’s Razor I took the concept to a financial point of view.
  • I figured I’d give some good news with If this gets paid off, ANY debt is payable! I remember when the actual cost of the Big Owe was published and I thought how can $1B get paid off by a city, well, it happened a while ago.
  • It’s important to keep things simple and that is the point with If You Hear Hoof beats…. , most of the times the obvious answer is the right one.
  • My Own Money Advice MeMe died with my post, but still a useful piece of advice.
  • Pay Day Loans, No, No, No! Points out my hatred of this industry, I will be attempting to extricate the 3rd party advertising that is allowing them to advertise on my site, in the next few weeks.

And for a little fun for Sunday, did you know how much Cookie Monster likes cookies?

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The Heat Continues and Sunday’s Best

The heat continues here in Ottawa, with very little rain. My deal with God continues for my grass: if God wants green grass he knows what needs to happen (that is your religious comment for this Sunday).

The big news in Ottawa was the media finally noticing that the Government is going to pay out about $6B in “severance” payments as part of the new contract with PSAC. It is one of those things folks didn’t talk about much, but it’s been there a while, and now the Government is trying to limit their exposure to this. Effectively, what happened is that if a Civil Servant quit their job, they got a week’s pay for every year they had worked with the government. The first time you hear that it sounds fine, but this person quit, and I haven’t seen that anywhere else in my work travels. The program will end this year, but will cost the government a good chunk of change.

It is the All-Star break for baseball this week coming up. I am astounded by how uninterested I am in baseball, but the Blue Jays are now showing “Blue Jays game in an hour”, which is much better, it may even cause me to want to watch baseball again.

On my Twitter feed, there was a diverse set of posts that I collected:

  • Money Hemorrhage (aka the scream) points out that the end of the year can end up being a very expensive time of the year (especially if you have kids).
  • One of my most read articles is What Does the 4th of July Mean? I have no idea why but every year on the 4th of July my readership quintuple because of this one post.
  • The Top 5 Investment Mistakes of my Life is a real oldie, but it is an example of the mistakes you can make even when you mean well.
  • A real oldie is Kippers, and no it is not about salted fish, either.
  • Where were you in 1967 at Expo ? I was, but I was a young lad, what will Canada be doing when we turn 150 ?

I have always wondered what Chapter 11 (a US Financial methodology) actually entails, and thanks to the Khan Academy we have this nifty video to help:

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Football, Heat, Drafts and Sunday’s Best as well

Euro 2012 is getting down to it, with an interesting metaphor for the entire Euro Financial meltdown, when Germany smashed Greece (hey, someone had to point that one out). Football as a metaphor for finances? Whodathunkit?

It has been hot here in Ottawa, but may start cooling off in the next few days (we can hope), lots of plants are looking burnt, as is my grass. The Lawn fix it services keep coming by and asking me if I want to buy their services, I have a stock answer, “… does it look like I give a crap about my grass?”, they usually go away quickly after that.

The NHL Hockey draft has come and gone as well, and now we have to ask, “Who screwed up the most?”. The thing with the draft is it is a lot like a financial plan, you can’t tell whether it was any good for a few years (gotta love those sports finance metaphors).

On the Twitter feed we eclipsed 1100 followers, which is cool, but it does keep going up and down (so I guess folks follow for a while, and then unfollow). Sorry if you have left, hope you come back one day, but I did bring back some oldies buy goodies from the archives (they are marked (OBG) if you are curious):

  • With Fathers and Money I reminisced about my Dad (who passed away last year), parents do actually teach their kids a lot about money (even if they don’t realize it).
  • With Computer Virus Scan is it a Scam? I point out that the whole computer virus game is a bit of a mug’s game, but what can you do about it?
  • You know you are really secure when Your Shredder Overheats, but maybe you should do it in smaller loads?
  • Men’s Health brings up the point that if it wasn’t for Viagra a lot of men would NEVER go to the Doctor.
  • What would your answer be if I had a Trillion Dollars (to paraphrase our friends at the Bare Naked Ladies)?

Remember to check out the Twitter feed, and various other Social Media places where I live (including this page on Facebook as well).

You keep seeing the TLA ETF appear and wonder what we are all talking about? That’s OK, I only found out because the N.C.F.B.A. explained it to me (in mono-syllabic (or less) words). Here is a good video from Khan Academy to help you with the concept(s):

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Happy Father’s Day and Sunday’s Best

Happy Father’s day to all the Dads out there, hope your kids at least did a “Wassup? Happy Dad’s Day. Can I borrow the car?”, or something similar to that (Dads understand what I mean). It is a little melancholy for me as it is my second Dad’s Day without my Dad, but I will choose to remember him and celebrate him (his sense of humor and all the things he did for me).

Hopefully you all at least called your Dad? Bought him a tie? You don’t have to do much, but do something, just so he knows you appreciate him.

On my world-famous twitter feed (well not yet, but maybe soon), you missed me rehash many of my favorite old posts, many pointing out the importance of Dads:

Do you need a Father’s Day video? How about a talk from Ted by Sarah Kaminsky: My father the forger, now does that not sound cool?

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Formula 1 and Sunday’s Best

Hopefully today’s race in Montreal will not have any “manifestations” or problems with protestors. Glad to see the Students have expanded their scope of disruption, claiming that F1 discriminates against women, and that Bernie Eclestone is a meany and such (I agree on the Bernie ┬ácomments, he is a very nasty man, but he did save Formula 1 (but then again Hitler made the trains run on time, but let’s not go there)).

We bid adieu to a great writer Ray Bradbury this week, his writings will outlast all of us, I suspect.

The summer continues to blossom in front of us, or rain down upon us these days in Ottawa. There was a concern about the lack of rain, hopefully those problems are being slowly assuaged for our farming brethren.

My twitter feed really is an eclectic roller coaster ride of odd posts and such, and is well worth subscribing to, you get a wild cross mix of Sports, Finance, General News, Autism and Aspergers News, Ottawa Specific News and some French headlines as well (and occasional odd quotes from me and sometimes even his Holiness the Dalai Lama (I don’t follow the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Pope)).

Some of my tweets of my OBG posts (search for that on Twitter you might find them as well) from the past week:

Fun Finance Video

For your video viewing a short explanation (from a U.S. perspective) from the Khan Academy about Inflation and what it is:

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