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Medical Expenses add Up for the CRA

I was in a quandary this year (tax year 2023) as I owed a fair amount of taxes. This was due to cashing part of an RRSP and not replacing the funds. I was hoping that various deductions might compensate, but I was mistaken. Naturally, I turned to my medical expenses for 2023.

With this in mind, I turned to this year’s medical expenses (2023, that is). Even with two insurance sets, I sometimes end up out of pocket. I did not realize how much I had spent, but I found some expenses our insurance did not pay completely. To collate my list of claims, I had to cross-reference both insurance plans. It was tedious but fruitful in the end.

Completely paid, so not usable

  • My ambulance in Montreal, surprisingly, was completely covered by my insurances.
  • Most of my physiotherapy. After rupturing my patellar tendon, there was a fair amount of that.

Not completely covered, thus claimable

  • Parts of my physiotherapy after my coverage cap was reached. Amazing how quickly you can plow through a yearly allowance.
  • A great deal of orthodontic work for my wife. Her insurance covered none of it, and mine only covered 1/2.
  • Parts of a lot of dental work.
  • Glasses for my wife and my son.
  • My wife’s insurance premiums and mine add up. My wife’s program is not cheap, so that also adds up.

Things I’d like to have claimed

In the end, I don’t owe as much. I will ensure I have all those receipts and the Insurance payment documentation in case the CRA asks for them. You can submit them when you submit your taxes, just to be proactive.

It is interesting that in tax year 2010, we had a catastrophic medical expense and medical expenses to claim as well.

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