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Nineteen Years Ago, This Started

I have been writing here for more than 19 years now. Why? I am still not sure. Cathartic wailing? I hope to help a few folks. My hobby? I am not that sure, but some of that and many other things as well—time to reflect on these past 19 years.

To begin with, I thought I’d make money doing this. I didn’t. Thought I’d gain a level of fame? I didn’t. What I did was make some good friends and acquaintances. I hope I helped a few folks, and I know I learned a lot.

I have been reworking and rewriting many of my older works, mostly to read what I wrote early on. My opinions were a little over the top. I have learned that while I knew a little, I always have much more to learn.

My Reflections on Money

  1. It is still a taboo subject. Nobody really wants to talk truthfully about their money situation. Doug Hoyes’s book drove home this point to me. You should read it just to understand how money as a tool is dangerous.
  2. I get things wrong at first. Preet Banerjee and Michael James have corrected many of my (many) mistakes. Thanks to these two mavens of diverse information, my writings have become more accurate. Try to guess which one is an Engineer and which is a Neurobiologist (the 2nd one I may have wrong).
  3. I do not have the energy or drive to be big in financial kibitzing. Kerry at Squawkfox, even with her health issues, does more in one day in terms of building my brand than I have done for the past 10 years.
  4. My retired Accounting buddy the Blunt Bean Counter helped a great deal with building my son’s nest egg. He helped write a few letters for me and advised me in many areas. He also relentlessly mocks my golf skills, which is fair as well. His website is in stasis now, he is not writing anymore, but there is a lot of great info there.
  5. Larry MacDonald is a good friend, and I used to run into him around Ottawa, haven’t seen him much lately. He also enlightened me on some of my bigger misunderstandings. His blog entries on Canada Business seem to have disappeared; much is the pity.
  6. Robb and his Mum from Boomer & Echo were both very kind with me when we met at Financial Expos. He is another one that convinced me I was never going to be big, he works hard at his craft and brand.
  7. I have met Rob Carrick a few times. He has been patient with me and has linked to a few of my stories. I don’t agree with all of this commentary, but I am confident he would say the same about me.
  8. Mark Seed is another person who constantly shows me that I am a lightweight in financial chatting.
  9. You do realize that I write about technology at a site well named, Not How To Do Still writing there as well.

My Current Financial Reflections

I continue to prove that it is better to be lucky than good. Currently, we are out of debt, thanks to very little of my own action. My brother passed away, and thanks to his estate, my debts are currently at zero. I may be able to retire soon, however, given my son’s education is not complete, that is on hold.

The Future

I have no idea. I am still rehabbing a badly mucked-up knee. It has been 2/3 of a year, and I still look like a baboon with two club feet going upstairs. I will continue to write, sometimes in spurts and sometimes rarely. Drop by, and see what might be new, or subscribe to my weekly newsletter. The newsletter only comes out if I publish something new during the week.

We continue to deal with my Mum, who has dementia, and my son, who is on the Autism spectrum, so I will be writing more on those topics.

I started this while working at Nortel. I was a 6 figure blogger there, and still am. Now I am a Civil Servant.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Hope to see you soon.

Previous Reflections

Sing Me Out Ray

Ray Charles sings my favourite version of Still Crazy after all these years.

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  1. Thanks for your 19 years of blogging Alan. I have been reading here for over 15 years I think. Lots in common with you as time has progressed, my oldest son also has ASD and my wife has been struggling with long COVID for about 2.5 years now.

    I have enjoyed and learned a lot from your many posts over the years, especially those on RDSP as they became applicable as well for my family. All the best.


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