Mortgage Tests, Thanks Gord and Bombardier and #Moneytalk

You really get the feeling the government is worried about the world of house ownership. The new rules being proposed about having new mortgage folks (in January) have to pass a “torture test” (Guideline B-20) will cause fewer mortgages to be approved (maybe). I like the rules, it makes it harder for folks to truss themselves into a financial bind. Real Estate Agents (i.e. New and Used House salesfolk) are displeased by these new rules, and it remains to be seen what interesting tactics will be used when the new rules come into place. Am I implying there will be “workarounds” for the rules put in place? Yes, that is how the system seems to work. Should be an interesting New Year in the housing world.

mortgage rules

Maintenance of the House Can Add Up Yes, these are my pipes that I had to fix (not cheap)

It was funny the first time I read the new rules I thought it was protecting the lenders (banks and such), but most pundits seem to think it is in place to protect the borrowers? I guess it protects both, however, we really won’t be able to tell for a while.

Gord Downie’s passing is a sad event. I was never a huge fan of the Tragically Hip, but I do enjoy their music. Mr. Downie’s battle against cancer was astounding to watch. He refused to give up, and simply fade away, he kept on going and for showing that kind of strength he should be admired. The world is a less interesting place with Mr. Downie’s passing.

Bombardier signed a deal with Airbus that will make their new C-Series Jets “American made”, which is an interesting way to get around the 300% levy being proposed in the States. Is this going to be a good move for them? Again, only time will tell, but the markets seem to think it was good (Bombardier and Airbus stocks are both up).

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I do think that Pessimists Make Better Financial Planners, and the new rules for house buying seem to agree with my statement. So many folks I know are far too optimistic in their financial plans, and inevitably something derails those plans.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada shows off one of the finest turkeys with a bacon weave that you will ever see. Yes my wife cooked that turkey (a while ago), and it was delicious. The only question is how to get more bacon on the turkey?

Payroll Donations at Work came up when I tried to make my payroll donations directly to my Church and found out just how much is taken from my donations as “management overhead”. I am not trying to stop you from being charitable, just want to make sure all the money you give goes to those who need it.

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Kerry at Squawkfox was on the CBC talking about the new mortgage rules. Have a look.

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Halifax IKEA, New Tax Plans, Pumpkin Spice ETFs and #MoneyTalk

Why would anyone celebrate the opening of an IKEA in Halifax? One reason is there are no IKEA stores in the Maritimes. The closest one is in Quebec, and there are companies that will charge to ship IKEA kits to folks in the Maritimes, but now that is all changed. The Halifax IKEA is now open, and now Maritimers can enjoy meatballs, hot dogs and using Allen keys to build things.  Remember to follow the instructions! Follow Squawkfox’s instructions on How to Survive a trip to IKEA. Evidently IKEA stuff is hard to put together so they bought a start up to help you ?

IKEA in Halifax

Big Crowds on Opening Day at IKEA in Halifax

Why do I know so much about IKEA and the Maritimes? I once made an IKEA run for my daughter from Ottawa to Wolfville to drop off her furniture. Would have been nice to have an IKEA closer by, back then.

President Trump unveiled his new tax plan this week, and it looks interesting, but as with all revised systems, the devil is in the details. In the USA, you can tell the former Canadians, because when an American complains about how high their taxes are, Canadian is the one that chuckles quietly in the background. The Highest tax rate in this new system will be 35% (maybe), in Canada the Federal Highest Tax Bracket is 33%, but remember we do have provincial tax to go with that. Whenever I hear tax reform is coming, I remember to hide more money in my mattress (figuratively speaking).

Pumpkin spice ETF? What is that? Well it is the only place I have not seen those descriptors used. Isn’t pumpkin spice just nutmeg?

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I keep hearing how advice from the past is no longer valid for investing, but I disagree. With Three Investment Credo from the Past  I point out that three good points from the past in investing are still quite valid. You can lose money with any investment, keep this in mind.

Good Money Podcasts outlines a few great Podcasts, from Canada, but also points to the Debt Free in 30 Podcast specifically. I was on with Doug Hoyes, and we talked about what happens when a 47 year old gets laid off. Which 47-year-old? Who do you think? Doug is in bankruptcy, and there is always jobs there.

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I think Doug is taking a little poetic license on this one, although some say it just might be!

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Summers end, Taxes, Doomsday Insurance, Uber and #MoneyTalk

Tax discussions continue in the media with both sides of the argument claiming the other is misleading the public (on the usage of incorporation for individuals, to be specific). The tax change will not change my life, except that most of my doctors are threatening to move to the USA if it happens, but I am curious. If the law is passed, what smart accountant will find the “wrinkle” in the tax laws to allow for money sheltering? As usual I don’t feel I know enough to say if either side is “pleine de merde” or not.


Masterful Understatement

Given all the hurricanes lately in the states, are you aware that hurricane insurance and flood insurance are two different things? I didn’t realize that, and I don’t think I need hurricane insurance in Ottawa, but do I need flood insurance? Wonder if I need thermo-nuclear attack insurance, given North Korea’s continued sabre rattling? Is that covered under some other policy?

I took my first Uber this week, didn’t seem that cheap to me, but it was during the work day, and I was going to an out-of-the-way place, but so far the hype of this outstrips my experience. Driver seemed like a nice guy, payment using my phone seemed OK too, but seemed like a Taxi to me.

The Canadian Financial Summit happened on-line and you can have a look at the talks. Some are quite interesting, oh and here is my tip (I offered to do this as a presentation):

If you spend less than you make, life is easier. Debt is bad.
My perspective on these talks is you should take all advice (including this) as a lexicon of ideas and find what works for you. Luckily no one is espousing how short-term loan companies are really our friends.

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I keep hearing from co-workers about how banks are forcing them to open bank accounts with them, if they have a loan with the bank, and that is where Bank Accounts and Loans came from. The Banks have the right to ask this of their customers, but their potential customers also can decline.

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Boomer and Echo came up with a very powerful tweet, which I liked a great deal.

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Rates Up Trend, Summer Holidays, High Gas and #Moneytalk

Holy cow, interest rates went up another ¼ point this week, and the media is wetting itself. Surely it is time to panic? Not yet, but a single jump could have been an isolated event, two could signify a trend. Was this not expected, is the only question to ask. The Canadian economy seems to have gone off the rails in terms of growth, and the Bank of Canada feels it needs to put the brakes on things, so this looks like a trend.

CN Tower and High Rates

How High are rates going? Hopefully not THIS high!

The Canadian Dollar has jumped in reaction to this rate rise. Your Canadian dollar can buy more, but your Canadian products are now more expensive on the open market too.

My vacation didn’t go that well, but I did have a nice conversation with Doug Hoyes. Doug will attempt to make it sound coherent and there will be a podcast about a few things soon. Doug is an interesting chap to  chat with, given he is a Bankruptcy trustee. I learned that before you claim bankruptcy you need to actually show your spending habits and all your assets to the trustee. Maybe folks should do that now, so they can figure out where the problems are before you call Doug?

Gasoline is back to over $1.20 a litre in Ottawa, and it is not likely to drop any time soon is the predictions from Gas Buddy and such. I guess I am glad I drive a Corolla, might be time to look at electric cars, or better still going back to a single vehicle for the family.

The NFL season has begun, and I wonder how long will this sport continue? I have loved football my entire life, especially the NFL, but given the concussion findings that are coming out, I just wonder how much longer the sport can continue? Some have suggested better equipment might change things, but I am not  that optimistic. My guess is that football has about 10-15 years until it will fade away. Economically the question what will the economic impact of this multi-billion dollar industry disappearing have?

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No, I am not getting into the travel blogging world, far too competitive. The Big Cajun family went on vacation so we figured we’d publish some Big Cajun Vacation Tips. The vacation didn’t go as expected with my son getting a nasty strep throat, but it was still enjoyable. I also did a bit of work, chatting with Doug Hoyes, there is a Podcast planned out of those sessions.

What is the Importance of Financial Reports? Do you put together IKEA furniture without reading the instructions? Why don’t you read your financial reports ? You need to at least be able to understand your Credit Card Bills, and Bank statements, or you will be in trouble.

I tip my hat to David Letterman with Stupid Bank Tricks, showing some of the things I have done to make my bank actually help my financial plan.

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I like when a tweet is self-contained and this comment by John Bogle is just that.

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Farewell PC Financial, Summer Holidays, Bat Guano and #MoneyTalk

It seems PC Financial as a bank is done, and CIBC will create Simplii its own brand name. You will no longer get PC Points for banking, except with your PC Mastercard. For me, it makes it easy to walk away from PC Banking, and move the rest of my secondary banking to Tangerine (for now). PC Banking gave me many PC Points and free banking, so I am sad to see the brand go over the banking horizon (like Canada Trust, Waterloo Trust and others). Farewell free PC Chocolate Chip cookies too .

PC Financial Farewell

Farewell PC FInancial

If you want to join Tangerine, use my code and I make some money too ( 47979477S1 )

I have taken the summer to spruce up a few things on the web site . Most of what I have done is not obvious, but here are a few highlights:

  • The site is now HTTPS based, which makes it a bit more secure, and if I ever start selling stuff and such, I am ready to go. If you link to me, or have bookmarks, you could update those just by adding the S to httpS 🔒.
  • The RSS feed is now back to
  • Updating many of my back catalog articles (which if you are on my social media feeds will see them). Still have about 2500 or so to rewrite (or remove), so this will be  a long-term project.
  • Looking at revamping the look of things, but I say that every year.

Politics in the states is now crossed the bat guano insane line. That is all. Mayhem is not  a ladder, no matter what Little Finger thinks.

Interesting thought for the week, NetFlix, while an industry leader, has over $15B in debt, is that good business or bad business? Only time will tell.

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I keep reading about the importance of building up your credit rating, so I figure I might get a rise out of some folk, but Credit Cards Help You Get a Mortgage caused nary a ripple in the internet. Still not sure if your credit card limits still count against your mortgage capabilities, but they should!

I did my 6 month rant about the TD Direct Investing RDSP issues, RDSP Deposit Obfuscations Continue , but I got an interesting comment that I will be pursuing with TD Direct Investing. Seems like my account may be badly configured, because at least 1 reader can make direct contributions to their RDSP account. I will keep you all posted on this.

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I am experimenting with tweets and Facebook posts that are not full stories, this week a simple philosophical statement by me, that took a while to figure out.

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