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How we doin’ now?

It’s been a while since I have written much original here, and I must admit I have been quite lacking in writing motivations. Have no fear, I shall not be retiring from whatever this might be, but I figured I might update my more reliable followers.

Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated

I am fine, however, I am dealing with many interesting life challenges, that are quite distracting.

My son continues to grow, and his abilities continue to expand. He will soon dwarf even his father in stature, which is a blessing, and a curse. Our friends at the CRA have decided to review my Medical Expenses claims, and I am collecting those now. Hopefully they will be appeased by my offering of information.

As loved ones age, there is a great deal to learn how the Social Safety Net works for seniors (and how it does not work as well). It is even more challenging when you are dealing with a different province, my case Quebec. I am learning a great deal there, and I am practicing my French a great deal, as well.

My work on my social media continues, ensuring my older writings don’t disappear, but I also continue to clean up (or delete) some of my older works as well.

Writing Continues

I continue to start and attempt to complete articles on the RDSP. Expect to see something of these soon, but I continue to have folks suggest I write a book on the topic. I have hundreds of other unfinished pieces, that one day I will complete.

I have shied away from the Phoenix topic, given my employer, but I can assure you it is as big a mess as the media makes it out.

My wrestlings with Quicken continue on, and I have plenty of other odd topics to rant on about.

As for the crypto-blockchain-weed-gold-ponzi-real-estate ideas all floating around, I was burned badly enough with the Tech Bubble, thanks. Go off and make your fortunes, just buy me a beer if you make it big. Please stop sending me great ideas about articles on the subject, unless they are humorous.

Come back often, there will be plenty to read soon. In fact, go to the Search for the site I have written 3000 articles already, it might already be there!

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