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Day 13 – A Puzzle – Advent Financial Calendar

In today’s Advent Financial Calendar, we find a puzzle piece? What could a puzzle piece symbolize? A puzzle piece symbolizes, in this case, Autism and many non-visible disabilities.

Autism is a daily topic in our household. We are lucky that my son is high-functioning, but his life is still not easy. Mental health is another critical topic to remember. What does this have to do with a Financial Advent Calendar? If you or a loved one has Autism or many mental health issues, remember that the Disability Tax Credit may be available. Check out my Disability Tax Credit Related Topics page for more information about this vital Tax credit.

Oh, and if you ever say, “You don’t look disabled”, to someone, you will get a lump of coal at Christmas.

yellow jigsaw puzzle piece
A Distinct Puzzle Piece
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