Happy Victoria Day

The long weekend in Canada that symbolizes the start of the summer! Enjoy your holiday Canada, and while you have the time off, here are a few of my favourite money posts to read while sitting on the dock at the cottage or on the deck in your back yard.

Canadian Flag

Happy Victoria Day

Fun Reads for the Long Weekend:

Remember back to work tomorrow, and don’t drive distracted, or while impaired.


Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Another year to look back on and to be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives. Canadians complain a lot about many things (even umpiring in baseball games), but the countless blessings, good things, and such that we have far outweigh any negativity in our lives. Be thankful today, enjoy your family, friends and loved ones, and realize just how lucky we are as Canadians.

Turkey Bacon

Happy Thanksgiving


Canada Day Celebrate This Nation

Canada Day 2015 is here, and given this holiday is mid-week this year, it is an odd holiday.

Canadian Flag

Happy Canada Day

In Canada we enjoy many things, and here for your enjoyment is my ode to Personal Finance in Canada:

C  is for the Cash, which of course is King
A  is Accounts which you should have opened (TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RDSP, etc.,)
N  is nervous which you should not be if you have a solid financial plan
A  is for Accountant like Blunt Bean Counter, which you should consult if things get complicated
D  is for Debt, the scourge of us all
A  is for Assets, the one thing we should all be accumulating (useful assets that is)

For your enjoyment, William Shatner sings Oh Canada (another former Montrealer):


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hopefully you are enjoying this long weekend, and are enjoying the Feast of the Harvest.

For those wonder about how we celebrate it in the Big Caj family, this picture sums it up nicely:


New Age Thanksgiving

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! This is how my son described Thanksgiving to his sister, and she drew it for him, you can’t tell me the mind of a child in the Autism Spectrum isn’t wonderfully different.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Civic Holiday

Welcome to the oddest civic holiday of the year in Ontario. Most holidays have a name, “Labour Day”, “Thanksgiving”, etc.,etc., but not this holiday. This holiday has different names all over Ontario (in Quebec, they call it “the Monday after Construction Holiday”), so no one really gives this holiday the respect it deserves.

The holiday also takes place at the start of August, when a lot of people are already on vacation, so it kind of passes without getting noticed by some folk.

Heck, most stores and the Beer store are open today, so most folks in the retail world, don’t get today off.

The Unknown Holiday

Enjoy your “holiday” Ontarians (and others across Canada who give the holiday a name), but maybe we need to give this holiday a name? Here are some that I propose:

  • Ontario The Good Day, it reflects the rest of Canada’s opinion of us.
  • Rene Levesque Day, he did more for the Toronto economy than any one man ever.
  • OHIP Day, no program is more important, coveted or talked about, so let’s have a day for it.
  • Coffee Day , it gives the holiday a multi-cultural feel to it, and is there any one drink that deserves a holiday named after it? It’s also on a Monday!
Coat of Arms of Ontario

Ontario’s Coat of Arms, Cool eh?


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