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Emancipation Day and #MoneyTalk

August 1st (yesterday) was Emancipation Day, the day that slavery was abolished in the British Empire (in 1834). Today, is still the Unknown Holiday here in Ontario.

Most holidays have a name, “Labour Day”, “Thanksgiving”, etc.,etc., but not this holiday. This holiday has different names all over Ontario (in Quebec, they call it “the Monday after Construction Holiday”), so no one really gives this holiday the respect it deserves.

The holiday also takes place at the start of August, when a lot of people are already on vacation, so it kind of passes without getting noticed by some folk.

Given this isn’t a holiday in Quebec, it means usually a lot of folk from Ottawa go to Gatineau to do things.

The Unknown Holiday

Enjoy your “holiday” Ontarians (and others across Canada who give the holiday a name), but maybe we need to give this holiday a name. Here are some that I propose::

  • COVID, Is It Over (Day)? Again, we seem to be going in the right direction, but we have thought that before.
  • Ontario The Good Day, it reflects the rest of Canada’s opinion of us.
  • Rene Levesque Day, he did more for the Toronto economy than any one man ever.
  • OHIP Day, no program is more important, coveted or talked about, so let’s have a day for it.
  • Coffee Day , it gives the holiday a multi-cultural feel to it, and is there any one drink that deserves a holiday named after it? It’s also on a Monday!
  • Emancipation Day seems like a good name too?
Coat of Arms of Ontario
Ontario’s Coat of Arms, Cool eh?

Past Writings

Been a quiet writing time for me. Might write some more, we shall see.

Random Thoughts from the Past

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