The Smith Manoeuvre

Well our amigo over at the Canadian Capitalist mentioned in his Friday update that the Star has an article about the “infamous” Smith Manoeuvre which talks about Frasier Smith’s method for getting the interest on your Mortgage tax deductible. If you remember I talked about this “risky” trick a while back here.

This is a risky game to play, since it assumes you can invest intelligently enough to not lose your stake, so be careful, and I am NOT recommending this strategy either.

A good quote from the Star Article articulates some valid concerns.

David Trahair, a Toronto chartered accountant, wrote a book urging Canadians not to invest in RRSPs before paying off mortgages and other non-deductible debt. He disapproves of swapping one loan for another.

“I recommend the total opposite, paying off your principal residence and not borrowing against it,” he says.

“It’s a high-risk strategy because you’re betting the farm that some investment adviser can do better than you can. You have a guaranteed return from getting rid of the mortgage.”