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Good FInancial Blogs (revisited)

OK folks, I have posted this before, but just as a reminder of some of the great financial blogs that are out there (and a few of them have moved around, or changed their interfaces as well!).

  • The Dividend Guy and his battle toward financial independence, I like reading about other people’s hard work, it inspires me.
  • FreeMoneyFinance blog has lots of discussions about how to increase your net worth, and of course a nice moose on the page too!
  • Everybody Loves Your Money good goal setting and ideas for how to be cheap and keep your money (a topic near and dear to my heart)
  • All Things Financial very specific financial advice from a REAL financial advisor (in Texas)
  • Quatloos is a good site that outlines the SCAMS and FRAUDS going on on the Internet these days, well worth a read!

These folks have some great ideas, have a peak at them and I should have some new stuff in a day or two as well

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  1. Hmmmm, I didn’t make the list. I guess that I just need to try harder to make it the next time you revisit again 😉

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