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Education: Price of Private Schools

An early article from 2006, with some rewritten pieces. The education system in Ontario is good. Having said that, there are instances where a private school may be a better solution.

Friends of ours, who are my financial models, sent their kids to good private schools. The family had no debt and were doing it, because they felt the level of education for their kids was better.

I think this is a good reason, and as a side note, if their sons went to a Canadian University it would actually be CHEAPER for them to go there than their current private schools. At the time, my daughters were all in the public system, however, once my son arrived things changed. It became clear that a private school was a better place for my son.

Is it a good thing financially to go into debt to send your kids to a private school? At the time, I was not sure I agreed with that as a choice. As usual I have learned, sometimes circumstances force you to make hard decisions.

Debt for Private School ?

If you think it is important, then maybe you need to add this to your financial plan, and more likely than not you need to forego other things.

This is a good question, is it a good financial decision to send your child to a Private School (let’s not discuss University or Post secondary stuff, that is another question)?

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  1. Of four children, three have spent some of their elementary or high school years in private school. The experience was expensive, less than satisfactory, and I agree with the comment about the price of drugs. Well-off kids can afford the most dangerous drugs. I would never recommend private school over a decent public school

  2. Yes it is true. It is less xpensive to send your child to a Canadian university than it is to send them to private elementary or high school. The quality of education provided at a private school may or may not be better than what is provided at a publicly funded facility. It is all dependent on the principal and the staff involved.

    Someone I know who sent their child to private school described the difference as mainly to do with the price of drugs available on site. Sigh.

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