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Christmas is coming!

Yes, folks, you will notice very soon, if not right now, that Christmas is most definitely coming. What are your plans for it? The Christmas season used to start around American Thanksgiving at the end of November. However, I have now noticed that it seems to begin around Canadian Thanksgiving (next week)!

Are you planning on impulse buying, using your credit cards without concern and then freaking out in January, figuring out just how much you owe? In hindsight it wasn’t a great plan for me either last year. I think I have finally paid it all off, but still have the scars from it financially. It is essential to have a lot of “intestinal fortitude” until the end of the year.

Here are some Christmas Don’ts:

  • Don’t assume that Price = Love for a gift. That is a classic blunder on most folks parts. I love someone, so I must blow 3 months pay on them, ur um, NO!
  • I don’t need a list, I know what I am looking for. Just like shopping for groceries when you are hungry, this is INCREDIBLY dangerous, just DON’T do it!
  • Try to shop at the last minute for anything other than Scotch tape or wrapping paper, or you are DOOMED!
  • Don’t teach your kids your bad habits at Christmas as well.
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Give the gift of fiscal control and a gift that says something to the receiver, not just, “Look how much I spent on you!”.

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