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Lu Lu Lemon?

So it’s rare that I talk about investing in specific stock on this site, just because my ability to pick a loser in a one horse race is world renowned, but my daughter and wife both mentioned that Lu Lu Lemon (a store for Yoga and Athletic ware for women) is going public. They are looking to raise $230M with this IPO, but this is the first IPO in a while that seems to be causing a bit of a stir on financial pages (not since Tim Horton’s went public, have I heard much about any IPO’s, other than in the business rags). Their abbreviation on the Toronto Stock Market will be LLL , if you are looking for it.

As with any investment, you need to do your homework and figure out whether this is a worthwhile investment in the long run (for the sake of your portfolio, don’t go out and buy this solely on the fact that I talked about it). IPO’s always worry me as well, since on the first day there is lots of HYPE and EXCITEMENT which usually (but not always) will drive the price of the stock up, only to have it drop back down in a “hang over” in the next few days.

Am I going to buy this stock? Don’t know, I will watch it, that is for sure, but given I am not going to get in on the IPO itself, I think it’s prudent to “wait and see”, on this one, but add it to your “watch lists”.

Gas prices continue to hover around $1.10/litre these days, maybe we’ll need some active wear, since we might be walking a lot more in the coming months!

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  1. I have the 190 page prospectus (first draft) and its content is way over my head! I am definately interested in the stock though. I work with a lot of young women and just saying “lulu lemon” got them all talking. Shows how strong the name is. This will be my second attempt at buying an IPO since the early 2000. Hopefully I am lucky with this one as the last (before the bubble burst…). This is the first time I’m going in with a group of investors and my IPO knowledge is very rusty. I hope you plan to keep following this as it progresses.

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