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Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

To all Mothers out there, the lowest monetary wage for a job, yet with the most job satisfaction (in the long run) out there. If you believe this CNN story Mother’s Salary could be $138K a year. I think that’s a little low myself, given how hard Mothers work.

Another useful anecdote to remember is today is the day where the most long distance calls are made (at least it was 10 years ago, before VoIP and such), but Father’s Day was when the most COLLECT long distance phone calls were made.

Other Mother’s Day

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  1. nancy (aka 'money coach')

    Argh! Big Cajun Man! I would totally have done this for mothers’ day … if I had seen it earlier. Can I plead with you to post it a couple weeks in advance, in 2008? Yes, I’ll try to make a note to myself as well, but, a little reminder via your blog would be great. I had no idea about this option, and it’s just the kind of idea I’d love to support and spread the word about.

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