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Happy Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day is a day to say thank you to the person who did all those good things for you when you were young and helped you become whatever you are today. Call your Mother and say thank you. Can you guess which Mother this picture is?

An interesting stat is today is one of the busiest days for phone calls, however Fathers’ Day is the day when the most COLLECT phone calls are made during the year. I guess that really sums it all up nicely, doesn’t it. Many of us rely on the “Bank of Mom and Dad“, but remember that analysts are saying that Mom and Dad may be relying on YOU very soon.

Our generation will support the Baby Boomers through their Senior Years, hence why we have been dubbed the Sandwich generation. Keep that in mind, no one is going to take care of YOU financially, but YOU may be relied upon to help others, plan NOW.

Happy Mothers day!

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  1. I owe it all to my grandfather who was a Giles addict and encouraged us all to collect the collections. (And actually tonight it’s pasta night.)

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