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Friday Randomness

It’s Friday, I am on vacation, so here are some random thoughts from me:

  • Canadian Capitalist pointed out a great Government of Canada ( CCTB Calculator )web site that lets you figure out how much you will be getting from the government (if you are a parent), in terms of Grants.
  • An investment opinion from me is, Don’t buy stock in Dell Computers. I have had more issues with their order entry system than I would think is possible, and this is their business (i.e. take order, make computer, ship computer), if the first part of your business model still doesn’t work after 4 years (it’s a very long story), I can’t see you making a profit.
  • What is open during Canada Day? I have no idea, now that it falls on a Sunday, but my guess is that most things will close on Monday, and I won’t get snail mail for about a week.

My Musings for the Week

Enjoy yourselves, it’s the weekend!!!

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