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Free Association Friday #MoneyTalk

Another week passes financially, and I don’t have a set theme for this Friday, so here are some things to think about from this week.

  • When is Tax Freedom! day for you ? It’s a synthetic date, but it still scares me how long into the year I have to work, to “break even” with my major creditor (i.e. the Government).
  • Off Topic, Air Canada will ban pets traveling on passenger flights as of July 15th, which is interesting. You’ll have to ship Fido via FREIGHT if you want him to go to Vegas with you. Not a great PR move, but maybe it is such a headache for the system, they may be helping themselves. This Canadian No Fly list is getting nasty, now they aren’t letting Fido on the plane!
  • Telus BCE merger talks continue as well, and it drives the BCE share price over $40.00, Thank You.
  • Alberta’s provincial government posted an $8.5B Surplus (they earned that much more than they spent). Wow! How do I buy stock in them?

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