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Lotteries and Friday Random Thoughts


No not my net worth, what the odometer now reads (in Kilometers) on my 13 year old Honda Accord. The previous owner would point out that there had to be a 50K KM time period where the odometer didn’t work (neither did the Speedometer, but we won’t mention that)). I am looking at a used Corolla to replace it in the next month or two (don’t think the old girl can take another Ottawa winter (and my mechanic agrees)). Gotta love old cars! Oh and it cost me $2500 4 years ago, think I got my money’s worth.

Did I Mention Where the Money is In Lotteries Lately?

I have said time and time again there are 3 groups that make money on lotteries and they are:

  1. The Lottery and Gaming commission (90%)
  2. The people who sell the tickets (9%)
  3. People who buy tickets (>1%)

It seems the (2) people want to make more money, and this clerk claims that God helps him win at the Lottery, however the lottery commizars will be calling All Mighty in for a talk about whether this clerk is having an unfair advantage.

Furnace Repair

Another important thing to remember in the fall. Do you want to rely on calling “some guy” at 2:00 AM when your furnace breaks down on the coldest night of the year (to quote Bruce Cockburn)? Not that it has happened to me, but it has!

138,000 is the number

Of cars being bought in the U.S. and brought back to Canada, about 100K more than last year at this time, but remember the Auto Industry claims that Canadian prices for cars are competitive. (no bitterness here).

Nowhere near able to retire

Larry MacDonald is writing about some of the younger financial bloggers and their ability to reach their goals (I am green with envy that they are where they are, and they have the guts to publish their financial status, I don’t think there is enough red ink to do that for me).

With the Canadian Dollar now well above the American Dollar, what does this mean? I will be doing a survey on this soon, so if you have any opinions, please pass them on.

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