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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Yes, today is Canadian Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, and their families. So far it has been a busy weekend for me and the little C8j’s. For those of you looking for a great Turkey story, click on The Greatest Turkey Story Ever Told to read how to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving.

What is Old is Cheap

Thanks to all this new furniture I collected last week, I now had a wall unit that could accommodate a LARGE screen TV. I know the prices of HDTV’s are coming down, but they are still too cheap for me. As a side note, the last TV I bought was 20 years ago, so no, I don’t usually invest too much money in my TVs. A friend told us about a 32″ regular NTSC TV by RCA at Wal-Mart. We picked it up (and my back still hurts from it), and now we are watching on a BIG (regular definition) the Monday CFL football games!! I am enjoying it, and I enjoyed the $267.00 price as well. The best part, I bought it with PC points (in a roundabout way), so my Bank bought me the TV!

How much is that Turkey?

My daughter’s part-time job this weekend gave her new hatred for poultry, especially Turkeys, due to their weight, and the inability of people to know how to cook the darn things. Why do people ask a 17-year-old how long it takes to cook a frozen 18 lb. turkey? My daughter doesn’t cook the darn things, she simply allows you to buy one!

Enjoy the Day

Yup, that’s it for me, I am on vacation today, so not much to write about today, other than the Turkey story. Don’t eat too much.

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  1. I guess you got the TV from the Wal-Mart anniversary sale!
    For ease of moving, and future-ready, I will still spend the extras to get LCD/Plasma HDTV, on good deals of course

    e.g. Dell had Westinghouse 32″ LCD HDTV on sale for $549, and 42″ one for $699 during their Days of Deals

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