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St. Valentine’s Random Financial Thoughts

Given tomorrow is “Love Day”, I mean St. Valentine’s day, let’s have a run around the world of financial blogs and see what has been on bloggers’ minds this week.

From Previous Weeks

Valentine’s Thoughts

Enjoy the love this weekend, but for St. Valentine’s sake, Don’t Go Bankrupt!

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  1. I decided to be ‘romantic’ and order my girlfriend flowers from FTD and have them delivered to her on work on friday, but they were a whopping $60.00 with shipping. I think I’ll be sticking to the $15.00 options available at the local Walgreens/Lewis drug.

  2. I agree, some of the stuff companies come up with can be kind of absurd. Seems they’d be better if they just came out and told it how it was.

    thanks for the mention!

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