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Random Thoughts Zero Inflation Week

Given the incredibly low CPI this week it made me wonder if this will all last and in reflection on yesterday’s numbers, the answer is an emphatic NO! Gasoline prices in Ottawa are now steadily heading back to at least $1 per liter which means the drops we have seen in the past few months are gone for now and we will be living through another summer of price gouging. With food prices sky rocketing, I suspect we may have a huge CPI jump by June, which will then cause an interest rate spike to slow it down, just my opinion, but might be a good time to lock into your mortgage rate.

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The bloggers this week had a varied topical view on things and here are some of the best of the week.

Looks like the summer may actually be here so enjoy the warm temperatures and go outside!

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  1. Canadian Capitalist

    What’s up with a new Bon Homme Cajun handle? I’ll grant that its funny.

    Thanks for the link!

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