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Here’s Hockey!

Yes, this has nothing to do with Personal Finance or Banking or the like, but I like this video from the NFB. Here’s Hockey talks about an earlier day when kids played hockey without helmets or cages, and we played outside and maybe a more naive time.

I remember playing outside, with my Dad standing there freezing himself solid and then having to listen to me complain about how cold I was after the game was played. The only thing that kept him warm was his cigarette!

I love this clip. It has Jean Beliveau and Dick Irvine, the coach.

Here’s Hockey!, Leslie McFarlane, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Listen to the size of the NHL. It’s a $6M business (how much are the Senators on sale for?). Skates that are LUDICROUSLY expensive at $50 a pair, a simpler time, that is for sure.

NFB Videos

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