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Vimy Ridge

We Must Remember

This is very off topic, but given it is Remembrance Week coming up, I would show this interesting short from the National Film Board. Vimy Ridge is a battle many historians don’t talk about, but we as Canadians view it as a turning point for Canada the Nation.

In this short animation Damien Hess attempts to connect with the tragedy of the First World War, a conflict that helped define Canada. In this film he uses imagery of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial monument in northern France to summon up names, faces and shadows that are fading from our memory.

There are a great many more interesting videos on the National Film Board’s web site and I invite you to investigate more about Canada, by visiting the Agency left with cataloging Film Footage of our history.

Vimy-Ridge by Damien Hess, National Film Board of Canada

NFB Videos

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  1. It should be mandatory for schools to celebrate the Remembrance week. It’s important for kids to understand the sacrifice that hundreds of Canadians have given to make Canada what it is today. They need to appreciate their freedom and democracy. They need to respect every person who has lost their life fighting for this country and all the families that have lost their loved ones.
    Also, all immigrants should be made aware of these facts too.
    I salute all our heroes and their families. Thank You.

  2. Young folks especially have no idea of the sacrifices their grandparents made for them. It is the great fortune of today’s generation to be born in a day when wars and terror (at least here in Canada) are lower than at almost any time and place in history. But we lose something is we allow ourselves collectively to forget what once was, what still is elsewhere and what could any day visit us once more.

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