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How Do They Make Money

Not sure if I have posted this NFB short or not, but I like it and it is very topical.

How do they make money, watch the short and you will see this is actually how coins are made, which is still very cool since coins have a “shelf life” of about 100x that of paper money (coins life is over 10 years, whereas the dollar bill before it was taken out of circulation had a life of about 8 months). The Bank of Canada saved a fortune on reordering money when the Loony and Toony came into circulation.

Making money, and “making money” aren’t the same thing, but the business of making money does “make money” too.

How Do They Make Money? by Tina Keeper, National Film Board of Canada

As an added bonus, a short on how they recycle steel, very cool.

How Do They Recycle Steel? by Tina Keeper, National Film Board of Canada

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