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Random Thoughts: $50 Billion is a lot of money

During a week where the federal government disclosed just how enormous the federal budget deficit will be, there were other topics written about by the Financial Blogging world, but this topic alone is a pretty hot topic.

What could that kind of “money printing” cause in the economy? Jon Chevreau points out in the U.S. it could mean Hyperinflation on the Zimbabwean scale (at least in Dr. Doom’s estimation at least).

My Federal Thoughts for the Week

Random Thoughts: Pensions?

Have a great weekend folks, hopefully the rain will stop, but maybe my grass needs it?

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  1. Canadian Capitalist

    The consensus seems to be that CPP changes are marginally negative for those who take it early, slightly positive for those who take it late and neutral for those who take it at 65. Thanks for the link!

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