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Canajun Finances Home » Random Thoughts: Happy Christmas…

Random Thoughts: Happy Christmas…

… The Recession is Over?

To paraphrase from a John Lennon song (Merry Christmas the War is Over). Mark Carney claimed:

“We are on track for the recovery both in Canada and globally,”

Really? Indications are this might be coming true, but it might be a little preliminary to be making any global statements about how we are through the worst of this, as there are many financial landmines out there that could de-rail a recovery. Still, again, I applaud his optimism; let us hope it is well-founded.

My Recovery Thoughts

Random Thoughts

For this momentous week when the recovery started (he said with a certain amount of sarcasm), let’s see what the Financial Blogging Community has been talking about:

  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo is celebrating his second anniversary with a Massive Giveaway Contest, which I am getting into, by making this link. I like free stuff and I think I deserve it too!
  • Michael James points out that the phrase “Close only counts in hand grenades and thermonuclear devices”, can also be extended to Lottery Winnings.
  • Larry MacDonald reviews an interesting sounding book in Contrarian Finances and Investing, always interesting if you take a contrary position to the mob.
  • Canadian Financial DIY talks about Inflation For Retired Canadians – Some Surprises, and he knows of what he speaks being one (almost).

Have a great weekend, here in Ottawa more rain, but at least my grass is green, or maybe it’s seaweed I can’t tell any more.

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