Basement Clean Outs Lead to Treasures

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This was written before Marie Condo and her fabulous ideas of clutter, but still topical to me. Here is Marie’s book on Amazon.

So we spent the long weekend moving, and adding furniture to our basement. We also attempted to clean out some of the clutter that has accumulated over the past many years.

A few things that I learned:

  • If you find a box that has not been opened ( you can tell because it has the packing tape from your move on the top ), do NOT open it. Do not open if you are attempting to de-clutter. As soon as you open a box it will cause you to rationalize why you kept it and it simply will create more clutter. The amount of clutter will be at a 6:1 ratio (i.e. 6 new boxes will be created from this one box)). You can peek inside to make sure it isn’t a box of gold, but if you look closely you are finished!
  • There are treasures in your basement, for charitable organizations:
    • I found 3 old sets of glasses, that I took to my church. They recycled them and someone else had glasses.
    • My old TV went to the Salvation Army and not to the landfill site.
    • A great deal of arts and crafts supplies that will go to the Salvation Army. Hopefully they can make some money on that.
    • A large amount of baby clothing and paraphernalia that was donated to the next generation in my wife’s family.
  • Shelves can be useful for storage, as long as it is for storage and not clutter. We shall see what comes of these shelves, but they need to be attached to the wall.

The spiders that lived in my basement are very upset . They now live in the garage thanks to a vacuum blitz, but in the name of de-cluttering some insects must be moved.

I spoke with another person who de-cluttered, but they did so after their basement flooded. They had to throw out a great deal of treasures because they were ruined. My advice would be to de-clutter now. Don’t let mother nature or the forces of nature force you to do it.

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