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Bazaar: Where Clutter Goes

If you aren’t a regular Church goer you are missing an amazing opportunity to declutter your house, the Church Bazaar (and maybe the Spring Garage Sale).

A minister once said to me, “Many folks think that the middle step between your house and the curb, for junk, is the Church”, which is very true. People constantly drop the oddest things at the Church thinking that we might be able to use them:

Truly Xmas Crap
Hopefully not this crap
  • Tractor feed printers and paper
  • Computers from the 1980s
  • Old lamps and chairs
  • Old coffee makers
  • etc., etc.,

The one time the Church does want your junk is for the Bazaar (if your Church Bazaar has a White Elephant or Kids section). Mrs. C8j diligently cleaned out the garage (so I could use her Do You Store Your Tires) and we found a few useful bicycles that the Church would love to try to sell for some extra money.

The danger of the Church Bazaar is that if you attend it, you could end up buying more stuff and cluttering your house, so the Bazaar does have a dark side to it as well. For those of you who keep saying things like, “I could make money selling that on Kajiji or eBay”, dream on, very few do, and more end up with basements full of junk. Besides, why would I buy your junk online when I could go to a Church Bazaar and get it cheap?

The funniest thing is when I have worked at a White Elephant table, and folks show up and want to haggle over prices. The conversation goes something like, “I’ll give you $2 for it”, and my response of “OK”, seems to upset them a great deal.

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  1. They are expecting you to negotiate. Them getting it for 2 bucks is great, but they WANT you to say $5 and negotiate down to $3.25. You took their fun away from them. You big meanie!!! (grin) Take my fun away and I would be upset too! The negotiation is part of the chase, part of the game! Well as long as the church makes out like a bandit, I guess it isn’t too bad…

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