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Random Thoughts: Remembering 9/11

Many years ago, the world changed.

For those who had loved ones who died on that day, my thoughts are with you. My thoughts are also with the folks in the Armed Forces who are now in harm’s way because of that day.

My Remembering for the Week

From the Blogosphere

  • Michael James had a special guest post by his wife “The Wife”, about Splitting Book Orders to get Free Shipping, “The Wife”s reputation for Frugality borders on outright CHEAPness, so you should listen to her advice.
  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo laments the Financial Advisor Retirement Plan, and how easy it is to make money for yourself, but not your clients.
  • Larry MacDonald investigates the Cheapest Way to Invest? You could stuff your money in your mattress, that’s pretty cheap.
  • Ellen Roseman writes about Telecom Troubles Part II, my only trouble is that between my home phone and cell phone I am being GOUGED terribly. No service is worth what I am paying for this.

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  1. “You could stuff your money in your mattress, that’s pretty cheap.” This investment avenue also had better returns in the past 12 months than most mutual funds and pricey portfolios of all sorts…

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