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Random Thoughts on a Dying PC

Don’t Taunt the Bear

Yes, I must remember the “Mojo will get you” if you complain too much about things, and sure enough, the day I wrote about the “Techno Vulture: Fix Your PC” business, I got the Blue Screen of death (from Vista, I didn’t even know you could get a blue screen of death from Vista, but I digress). I also got a nice note from TD claiming that due to the “Credit Crunch,” they were going to jack up my Line of Credit interest rate another Quarter Point to a complete 1% above “Prime” (remember their Prime, not the real Prime (neither of which is a Prime Number right now either, but again I digress)).

My PC Personal Comments

Random Thoughts

In the Blogosphere this week, aside from me tilting at Windmills and messing with the Karmic Wheel (at least my own Karmic Wheel), some exciting posts came to light:

  • Michael James continued his Quixotic adventure with Credit Card Interest Personal Battle Update, he continues to keep his credit card in his pocket for fear of incurring more interest charges. If he starts singing, “To Dream The Impossible Dream”, I’m outta here.
  • The Canadian Capitalist reviewed a set of Cartoons from the New Yorker in The New Yorker on Money, I have always enjoyed money humour (as long as it is at someone else’s expense).
  • Larry MacDonald thinks the ETF Revolution has Gone Too far. Why are they stoning Mutual Fund Managers now?
  • And Gail Vaz-Oxlade puts it all nicely into perspective with Put Up or Shut Up, I really like the way Gail writes in her blog, a little grittier than her TV show, Testify Sister!

My weekend will be spent extricating my PC from the Karmic Wheel I have run afoul of…

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