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Random Thoughts on Liars

Back in 2009, there was plenty of money stuff to write about. Liars in the world of tobacco? Thanksgiving? Employment Numbers? Hell yes, plenty of topics to write about.

They Lied? Qu’elle Surprise?!?

This week we learned that Imperial Tobacco is being accused (by the Canadian Medical Association Journal) of destroying reports that Imperial Tobacco had commissioned, which proved the danger of smoking (and the more significant threat of secondhand smoke). I only have one question, “Who is surprised by this allegation?”. Come on folks, the only surprising thing about this is that anyone is surprised (surprisingly speaking that is).

What Did I write ?

Random Thoughts after Turkeys Die

After the Turkey Holocaust of this past weekend, we can set our sites on the subsequent major Poultry Obliteration, which is Christmas (or American Thanksgiving for those south of the border). What did the financial bloggers have to say on this short(er) week?

  • Michael James asked What Follows a Lost Decade? the easy answer is, “I don’t know”, since predicting the future based on past performance is sometimes not as useful as you think.
  • Larry MacDonald kibitz about Front-Running ETFs no not the leading ETFs, but is about traders who know of big purchases by ETFs and buy ahead of them, to have their purchases inflate in value. Gotta love the money industry where you can make money knowing what will happen.
  • Riscario Insider asks How effective are Tax Auditors? the answer is, not as good as they should be (now there is a surprise).
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade asks, Normal or Nuts? I think there are a lot of nuts out there (not just cashews or hazelnuts either), are you a nut?

Enjoy the autumn, because Snow is in the air (is it cheaper to get snow tires in the states now?).

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