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Better Employment Numbers September 2009

After a very long weekend of Turkey and Family we return (and after my favorite WKRP segment) to see employment numbers improving in Canada.

Employment increased for the second consecutive month, up 31,000 in September, driven by large full-time gains. The unemployment rate fell by 0.3 percentage points to 8.4%, the first monthly decline since the beginning of the labour market downturn in the fall of 2008.

So the Employment numbers are better (and the increase is in the area of Full Time employment which is a good thing) and unemployment is down, and well below what is being seen in the U.S. as well.

September shows an Up Tick
September shows an Up Tick

Unemployment Down

Down a bit for September which is a good thing
Down a bit for September which is a good thing

A drop from August to September is a good thing to see, however, year over year unemployment is still up 2.2% over last year at this time (now at 8.4%).

No real huge signs of massive rehirings going on in the Ottawa area, still more discussions of how budgets will be spent and whether High Tech start up companies can pick up the slack  from other High Tech Dinosaurs in the area.

For those still looking for work these numbers are encouraging, but certainly not anything to think that “Happy Days are Here Again”, either.

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