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Canajun Finances Home » Holiday Cheer Volume 3: Holy Crap it’s Christmas Eve!!!

Holiday Cheer Volume 3: Holy Crap it’s Christmas Eve!!!

For my regular readers, I am so lazy swamped over the holidays that I am taking some time off and putting up a “Best of” anthology until the New Year (January 4th, to be exact). Enjoy two Best of posts a day over the Holidays, and have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Given the nature of this day, in that most of us are either madly panicking about whether we have put ourselves sufficiently in debt to impress our loved ones, or we are driving 12 hours in the middle of a blizzard to make it to see our loved ones, here are some Festively themed Best of posts.

Charity as a Present

As eyes turn towards the juggernaut coming at us called the Christmas spending orgy (I am thinking of trademarking that phrase), let me reflect on the idea of using Charity as a present.

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Christmas Already?

So after wandering through Loblaws and Independent stores near my home, this time of year is schizophrenic since it is Halloween season. However, Christmas is here now as well (in fact, Christmas almost intervened into Thanksgiving, mainly when the Canadian Tire put their Christmas section in the Friday before Thanksgiving).

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Holiday Hangover?

How goes your holiday hangover? Did you make too merry over the holidays and need to lose some weight? Worse, did you overspend and now have some hefty credit card bills to pay?

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