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It’s RRSP Time

RRSPs are Coming to Town

Yes it is that magical time of the year. Banks and institutions beg you to put more money into your RRSP, because it would be a good thing for you when you get older. Unfortunately you don’t get time off for RRSP Time.

Show of hands: Who believes they do this because they are worried about your Golden Years? None? Not surprised.

Banks and Insurance companies and whomever else sells Mutual Funds want you to put money into your RRSP. This is so that you go and buy their High MER Mutual funds . Assume big fat entry fee, and exit fee as well.

How many times have I heard co-workers or friends say, “I just put my money in the Canadian Balanced Stock Fund and will move it later”? When I query about the MER for this Canadian Stock Fund usually the buyer is unaware, and what the front or back load is on these funds is a mystery as well. How many folks will move it from this fund at a later date? Don’t know, but my guess would be not many move the funds ever.

I don’t have time to think about this, is another argument folks have given me for buying some very dubious Mutual Funds, which may be true, but why did you spend your money is the answer I give. Would you buy a car, house or even major appliance without knowing that there were hidden fees to buy it and then a yearly “support” fee?

So I shouldn’t buy RRSPs now? No I didn’t write that either, but wherever you invest your money, be sure you understand the costs of investing in this financial device. This doesn’t mean you should blindly go out and buy ETF’s or Index Funds, if you don’t know where (or how) they invest.

Get educated is what I am saying before you go out and buy your RRSP. If you don’t have time to do it right now, then wait until you can figure it out.

Maybe I should just get a Financial Advisor? Caveat Emptor is my response to that idea. The past few months more and more stories are coming out about Financial Advisors, and how they work, so you need to find one that you trust, and ask them, How do you make money? especially if they are offering you their services for “free” (you would be surprised what free really costs). If the advisor suddenly tries to sell you whole life insurance, get up, get your coat and walk out without a single word, and don’t come back.

Remember if you are a first time home buyer RRSPs can be your friend as well. You can borrow money from there to buy your first house.

The hasty or rushed decisions I have made in my life (financially) are rarely the ones I look back on with fond recollections.

Top 10 lists

I was wandering through yet another Top 10 List, and it struck me just how many Top Ten lists there are out there (not to mention David Letterman’s output of a list every night), so here is:

Top 10 Top 10 Financial Lists

Here in no real order is my Top 10 list of Financial Top 10 Lists I have seen over the past little while:

  • Top 10 Reasons why High Tech will recover (published in 2001).
  • Top 10 Ponzi Schemes to invest in, and the questions to ask your Advisor about their latest Home acquisition.
  • Top 10 Ethical Reasons for failed Bank CEO’s to get their bonuses
  • Top 10 Ways to save money by not paying off your credit cards.
  • Top 10 Most expensive bank service charges, and why we love them
  • Top 10 Mattresses to store your money sorted by level of comfort (assuming you are only using paper money, no loonies or toonies please).
  • Top 10 Mutual Fund by MER (sorted by highest MER), and why they really are a good investment
  • Top 10 ETFs that have nothing to do with any index and why you will outperform the market doing this
  • Top 10 Reasons that Whole Life insurance policies are better than term policies.
  • Top 10 Why 1,000,000 slugs love Vancouver’s weather (even in the winter) and why they are the only ones who can afford to live there

Did I miss any? (yes this is what happens when I get stuck in long meetings and my mind wanders)

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