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Happy Victoria Day

Yes indeed, it is a holiday Monday in Canada, and following the laws of the land I do not plan to work either. I am writing this the previous week.

Victoria Day is one of the “big” holidays in Canada and most folks get the day off, but in Ontario merchants are fighting to be allowed to be open this day as well, I hope they don’t succeed, for the families of those who work in their stores.

Tuesday we will discuss the inflation numbers that came out on Friday. Interesting to see that Gas prices are actually dropping again (in Ottawa it is below 95 cents a litre), which may cause Inflation to do a few more loops again (but will it forestall the inevitable interest rate increases?).

Victoria Day
Here is the old lass her self

Victoria Days over the years

  • For 2016 Happy Victoria Day Enjoy Victoria Day or Journee Des Patriotes the official start of the summer in Canada! Drive carefully!
  • In 2014 Happy Victoria Day Looking for a way to celebrate Victoria Day? Explore the benefits of living in Ottawa & enjoy the Rideau Center.
  • Happy Victoria Day (and Monday’s Best) for 2012 A fine long weekend here in Canada, so I am treating this Monday like a Sunday and doing a quick recap of the week along with a list of some of my best tweets, enjoy!
  • For 2011 Happy Victoria Day For most of Canada today is a holiday, which is called Victoria Day.
  • In 2010 Happy Victoria Day was another wonderful day off.
  • Happy Victoria Day! When is the best time to discuss pay day loans? The Victoria Day weekend? Maybe, but just don’t use these services; they are bad.

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  1. What I want to know is why the gas prices here (Victoria BC) have gone up 7% while the price of gasoline in Canadian dollars (UGA / FXC) has gone down 15%!!

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