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Happy Victoria Day (and Monday’s Best)

A fine long weekend here in Canada, so I am treating this Monday like a Sunday and doing a quick recap of the week along with a list of some of my best tweets, enjoy!

First Happy Victoria Day Canadians (or Joyeux Jour Des Patriotes pour mes amis Quebecois).

Looks as thought Europe could start splintering soon, with Greece possibly going back to its old currency, which may cause a domino return in a few other countries. All in all a complete “cock-up” for the Euro, but we shall see what comes in the near future (no doubt a great deal of perturbation and excitement on the markets). G-8 leaders are meeting to discuss this, but what can they do?

Facebook’s IPO is causing renewed interest in high-tech companies that don’t really create anything, but just cause folks to waste time (so no doubt it will be a roaring success). Did you buy some stock? I have many (good) reasons to stay away from High Tech companies, even with Apple and Google making many people rich (the biggest reasons spelled N-O-R-T-E-L). Good luck to Face-hole, it might work, who knows? Mark Z. is now a much richer (and married) man after this weekend, so someone succeeded.

This week was an interesting week for me, with podcasts and such, but my twitter feed was quite busy, and here are some of the oldies I also brought back for your enjoyment:

  • The Cost of University Residence is a helpful tip for those with kids going into first year University this September, better have saved some money up (RESP!)
  • TED had a very useful video about tieing your shoe laces which I had in my post You Are Doing it Wrong, watch the video, it is a foolproof way to make sure your laces stay tied.
  • I don’t buy it when folks say I Didn’t Know I was THAT Far In Debt, you knew it, you just didn’t want to admit it, is a better way of putting it.
  • Given my incessant blathering on Preet’s podcast I figured I’d resurrectOn Being Laid Off, a short essay I did after I got laid off from Nortel.
  • Since I mentioned RESPs as well I figured RESP: And More Trees Died would be good for folks to re-read. If you read the TD twitter feed, they are claiming they are SAVING trees, I am not sure how they are doing that given how many forms I fill in there, but maybe I am missing something.
  • Also if you make little enough don’t forget the Canada Learning Bond with your RESP as well. I have not managed to get this to work yet, but maybe soon.
  • I did have to clarify my initial statement that Debt is Like Teenage Sex, have a read and see how I twist those two subjects together.

Prince Albert’s main squeeze!

Queen Victoria
Albert! Are you in the Can Again?!?

Victoria Days over the years

  • For 2016 Happy Victoria Day Enjoy Victoria Day or Journee Des Patriotes the official start of the summer in Canada! Drive carefully!
  • In 2014 Happy Victoria Day Looking for a way to celebrate Victoria Day? Explore the benefits of living in Ottawa & enjoy the Rideau Center.
  • Happy Victoria Day (and Monday’s Best) for 2012 A fine long weekend here in Canada, so I am treating this Monday like a Sunday and doing a quick recap of the week along with a list of some of my best tweets, enjoy!
  • For 2011 Happy Victoria Day For most of Canada today is a holiday, which is called Victoria Day.
  • In 2010 Happy Victoria Day was another wonderful day off.
  • Happy Victoria Day! When is the best time to discuss pay day loans? The Victoria Day weekend? Maybe, but just don’t use these services; they are bad.

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