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Happy Victoria Day

For most of Canada today is a holiday, which is called Victoria Day, whereas in Quebec it is known as National Patriot’s Day, but either way it is a holiday for most of us and most of the stores , all banks and Government offices will be closed today, (we bloggers rarely take a day off, but I am today, I wrote this earlier).

Interesting to see that my bank which is now usually open on Sundays, is closed both Sunday and Monday now. Wonder if the Government will start changing the rules about banking days, and when transactions will be valid, instead of it being just Monday to Friday and not on Holidays ? Interesting question.

Stores were a bit of a mad house on Sunday, I guess the stores being closed for a day worries everyone, funny, no one was rushing on Saturday when the world might have ended.

So Happy Victoria Day and welcome to the Post-Rapture world! Are we supposed to take care of the pets of the folks that were taken? Can we have their money?

Happy Victoria Day
Happy Victoria Day!


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