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Random Thoughts: For a Black Friday

Black Friday Relentless!

Let the financial carnage begin, with our American Cousins celebrating Black Friday (and the follow on Red Saturday), the orgy of spending for the Holidays has begun. Will the Retailers get to the Black on this most hallowed of selling days? Only time will tell, but the sales onslaught is quite relentless right now. As Canadians we can try to enjoy these sales with our Dollar at parity with the mighty Yankee Buck, but the shipping and handling still kills us somewhat. We have also been warned about long waits at major border crossings as well. Will all this spending cause a stimulated economy in the States, or the converse an OVER-stimulated economy? We will wait to see what the numbers say.

Given the high tensions on the Korean peninsula, should make for an interesting December in terms of what may transpire on the markets in reaction to whatever might come up in that area. We have already seen volatility this week, and expect much more in the future (is my guess).

My weekly prattlings for this week included:

The more informed Financial Bloggers out there found other interesting topics to write about this Thanksgiving Week in the U.s.:


“If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again; it was probably worth it.”


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