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That was the Year that Was (2011)

Much as I loath top 10 lists and such, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of my favorite posts (where it was fun to write and I got some fun feedback about them), so here is a collection of those posts that made 2011, what it was.

There is no order to the sections or such, I just decided to put them in categories to make life simpler for my gentle readers.


As you can tell from my writing, humour is important to me, so here are a few points I tried to make with humour.


I shy away from direct advice, but sometimes I get close to it.


I love mocking lists on blogs, and here are a few of my attempts at doing just that this year.

Dreams and Miscellaneous

Some posts just defy being classified.

This year is ending, enjoy it with the folks you love, and here is hoping for a better 2012 (financially and otherwise as well).

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End of Year Is Almost Here

Yup, the real end of year is almost here, given the last real business day is December 29th, 2011 (you know, Friday), have you got all of the things done you needed to get done for the End of 2011?

What kind of things do I mean?

  • Taxes if you pay quarterly or monthly for one thing, pay them first. If you haven’t sent in your taxes for 2010, maybe it’s time to start thinking about doing that soon as well?
  • RESP contribution, they bursaries tend to be paid quarterly, but it is still important to get as much out of this system as you can. Tuition fees are not going to be dropping any time soon!
  • RRSP contribution, yes, I know you can wait until February 29th, but you could make one now too, and you’d have two months of growth?
  • Charitable donation, better get those in right now, for it to count for your taxes. Having worked on the collection at my Church there is a significant amount of money that appears this last week of December, but get it in soon.
  • RDSP contribution, yes this has an over all maximum, but then again, the sooner the money is in place, the longer it has to grow.
  • Tax loss selling? Too darn late for that one, the deadline for that was December 24th.
Any others that I may have missed? You have 2 days left!!


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List of Jobs I do For Free

It’s funny the topics that get discussed when financial bloggers get together to chat over the holidays, but jobs I do for free did come up in our discussions, and the list is quite extensive, in my case.

I’ll only hit the top 5 list of jobs that I will do for free:

  1. {this line intentionally left blank}
  2. {Blank line intentionally}
  3. {No information on this line }
  4. {No job here}
  5. {this line intentionally left blank}

I have to admit it was a hard list to compile, it took hours. There is a plethora of menial crappy tasks that I would gladly do without charge, but I hope I have hit the high points.

No, I am not talking about my volunteer activities, or the fun things in my life, but the “jobs” in my life.

Jobs I Do For Free ?

If you are doing jobs for which you should be compensated. If you aren’t doing it out of the goodness of your heart, you should be paid, it’s that simple.

Is this tome a “job“, not really, more of a cathartic rant than anything else.

Enjoy your time off, from your Job. If you are looking for a job keep this in mind as well, you should get paid.


How to Make Christmas 2012 Better

Every year I keep thinking, “Next year I’m going to do it better”, when it comes to Christmas. I usually enjoy Christmas a great deal, but I always strive to make things just a little better the next time. With our family things change every year, with our kids getting older, and our family getting older, each year things change on how Christmas can be celebrated.

If you want to make Christmas 2012 better in terms of things you think you might have done wrong this year, you need to write down your ideas right now, so that in November 2012 you can look back and remember what you think you can improve on (and maybe write down the things you think went well and you want to make sure you do that again).

How is all of this going to work? My methodology is pretty simple, I use Microsoft Outlook (which is also connected into Google Calendar, and Synchronizes with that) as my calendar, so on Canadian Thanksgiving there is now a Calendar entry called: Christmas Improvement Plan, which has in it a small document.

In the document I have two headings: What Went Well for Christmas and What To Improve For Christmas 2012.

Under each heading a have a simple set of bullets with the ideas that struck me on Christmas night on what would make Christmas 2012, and that is it. On October 8th 2012 I will get a reminder from Outlook (and Google) to check the document and then start actually planning for Christmas 2012. What is a point on the list? Start Christmas work on Remembrance Day (November 11th) not on American Thanksgiving! I also need to put in a reminder to start decorating the house, as well!

Yes, Christmas planning can begin on December 26th, but it isn’t that much work, now is it?


Boxing Day Mayhem and Sunday’s Best (on Monday)

Hope your Christmas went as you wished and your merriment was festive and joyous.  I am writing this on Christmas Eve, so no insights about my Christmas just yet. As I mentioned Christmas week is going to be a bit of mish-mash of posts and such, so apologies for the schedule changes, but things will return to normal in the new year.

Careful at the Boxing Day mayhem, buy things you need, not things you want.

On my Twitter Feed, I highlighted lots of interesting pre-Christmas posts I have made over the past 7 years or so:

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